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it is the U●.S. politicians' tilted focus on their re-election,● instead of their people, that lR

ed to the misery. "●Caught amid the chaos are the American people grapp●ling with the fear of a deadly and poorly understoo●d virus, conflicting messaging around their protect●ion and safety, fear of financial fallout, absence ●of a cohesive national strategy, and volatile, inco●mpetent leadership," The Lancet said. In the face o●f the common tragedy of mankind, these politicians ●have wasted the precious time China bought the worl●d with its painstaking figh4

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t against the virus, and● dismissed the righteous international call for bat●tling the virus in solidarq

ity. They are short of sy●mpathy for the loss of lives and short of empathy t●o help each other in difficulties, but full of poli●tical calculations and paranoid Cold War mindsets. ●Coining such labels as "China virus," they have car●efully crafted the "U.S. narrae

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tive" to frame and de●fame China, in a bid to turn the war between humans● and the9


coronavirus into a "new Cold War" to suppr●ess China. However, no lies can0